Thanksgiving Trip - Route Overview

States We'll Visit
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North Carolina

South Carolina

On this trip we'll travel to Louisville, KY to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with friends, to Washington, DC to make a political statement and then back to Aiken. The pink line shows our roundabout route.

We'll leave Aiken and travel south to Claxton via US-1 and US-25. Then we'll turn west and follow US-280 west across Georgia until we get to Columbus.
We'll stay on US-280 as we enter Alabama and begin to travel a little to the northwest. At Alexander City we'll turn west and follow Hwy 22 to Maplesville. We'll get on US-82 and go northwest again to Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama. We'll get on US-42 and go north to Florence. We'll get on Hwy 13 and head into Tennessee.
We'll stay on Hwy 13, passing through Collinville, Waynesboro, and Buffalo. We'll hop onto I-40 and go northeast for about 30 miles. We'll get off at exit 172 and take Hwy 48 north to Dickson and then Clarksville. We'll get on US-41 and continue north into Kentucky.

We'll stay on US-41 and pass through Hopkinsville (also known as Hop Town :), Madisonville and Henderson. Then across the Ohio River into Indiana.

We'll stay on US-41 going north to Princeton. We'll turn right on Hwy 64 (not I-64, although I-64 does run parallel to Hwy 64) and go east through Huntingburg, English and Georgetown. Juse east of Georgetown Hwy 64 joins I-64 which we'll take across the Ohio River into Louisville.
The Rest Of The Trip
No reason to bore you with a bunch of details as the rest of the trip will be driving Interstate highways.

Briefly, from Louisville, I64 east to Charleston, WV. I-79 east to Morgantown, WV. I-68 east to Hagerstown, MD. I-70 east to Washington, DC. I-95 south to Florence, SC and, finally, I-20 back to Aiken.

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