Thanksgiving - Day 04
Monday, November 21, 2005


Today we traveled from Dickson, TN to Louisville, KY

Overcast today. No sun :( Rained a little.

Not much to tell. We spent the day just hightailing it to Louisville.

We'll be in Louisville Tue, Wed and Thu visiting friends, etc.


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To hear him tell it, The Navigator has the hardest job in the world and he struggles on a daily basis to keep me on the route, etc. His griping and boasting about this has always bothered me because I know it's just not true. Don't get me wrong. He's a great Navigator and he helps me a lot. But this 24/7 stuff is just BS. And now I have proof!! As you can see in the picture to the left, The Navigator is clearly not navigating. In fact, I doubt he knows what state we're in. This afternoon I had to wake him up four times for help with the route.

When I confronted him with this evidence, he naturally came to his own defense. He said, "First anybody can buy Photoshop and make it appear I'm doing something other than my job. Second, this is my word against yours. And who do you think they're gonna believe? You, who can barely navigate from point A to point B without help, or me, The Mighty Navigator?"

I must admit, he makes valid points :)


Beginning time: 10:30am
Ending time: 3:00pm
Net driving time (includes stops, etc.): 5:00
Begining odometer: 143,615
Ending odometer: 143,878
Net miles today: 263
Average MPH: 52.6
Total trip mileage: 1144

Gasoline: $43.00 - $2.039/gallon in Dickson, TN
Food, ice, etc.: $9.00
Lodging: $0.00
Other: $0.00

Thought For The Day

From Namvet in CA:

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.

Joke Of The Day

From Denise in IN:

A woman's husband dies. He had $30,000 to his name. After everything is done at the funeral home and cemetery, the widow tells her closest friend that there is none of the $30,000 left.

The friend says, "How can that be?

The widow says, "Well, the funeral cost me $6,500. And of course I made a donation to the church...that was $500, and I spent another $500 for the wake, food and drinks, you know. . The rest went for the memorial stone."

The friend says, "$22,500 for the memorial stone? My God, how big is it?"

The widow says, "Three carats."


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