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Anderson, Indiana
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Day 7 - Thursday, March 8, 2007
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Louisville, Kentucky

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T o d a y ' s    N a r r a t i v e
We left Anderson about 10am this morning.

The first order of business was to drive South a few miles and visit Indianapolis, Indiana. But on the way we ran into a little trouble as I-70, our route to downtown, is closed for repairs. So I pulled into a gas station and washed the van's windows while The Navigator whipped up an alternate route. He's getting really good at fulfilling ad hoc requests.

Then, following his new route, we visited the Indiana capitol. See pix below.

The Navigator had routed us on I-70 from Indianapolis to Columbus, OH, but we couldn't use I-70 out of Indianapolis as it is closed for repairs. So The Navigator routed us along US-40. This federal highway is known as America's Golden Highway. I would like to take a trip along US-40.

About 10-15 miles from Indianapolis we were able to get on I-70 for the ride to Columbus, Ohio. There we visited the state capitol and then headed for Louisville, KY.

Kudos to the state of Ohio!! They have cleverly figured out how to virtually eliminate speeding on the Interstate highways. They set the speed limit for cars at 65 and the speed limit for trucks at 55. Then they posted signs that say, "Trucks keep right except to pass." If you're riding in a car you don't want to drive in the right hand lane because the trucks are going slower than you want. But if you try to drive 65 in the left hand lane you don't have much success as trucks in the right hand lane keep pulling into the left hand lane to pass their slower brethren in the right hand lane. The end result is that you rarely get a chance to go faster than 65. Brilliant! Also frustrating and a pain in the ass!!

At about half way between Columbus and Cincinnati, OH, I was able to pick up WHAS on the van radio. WHAS is located in Louisville and is the "Voice of the University of Louisville Cardinals." This is March Madness time and WHAS was going to be covering the game between Louisville and West Virginia later today. So I listened to the pre-game coverage.

As mentioned in the Route Overview, I had planned to drive US-42 from Cincinnati to Louisville. I opted instead to take I-75/I-71 to Louisville as the sun was close to setting when we reached Cincinnati and I didn't want to drive US-42 after dark.

We got to Louisville about 6:50pm and I went to a friends house and watched U of L beat up on West Virginia. Exciting double overtime game!

This trip will now be put on pause for about a week while The Navigator and I visit with friends in Louisville, attend a WAGS Pet Therapy meeting and work at the dog show.

Special note for June: No KY welcome sign. It was on the bridge over the Ohio River and traffic as too heavy to get a pic. I'll cheat like Iowa.

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T o d a y ' s    P i c t u r e s
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This is the World War II Veteran's Memorial in Indianapolis, IN. Impressive! The capitol of Indiana. Neat license plate. Hopefully this is giving the ACLU a hissy fit. The South Carolina license plate on the van also proudly displays this slogan. Hey June, here's another sign for you. Ohio is a New State!
The capitol of Ohio in the capital, Columbus. Hey, who stole the dome? The famous water tower that stands right next to I-75 in Florence, KY.
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T o d a y ' s    S t a t s
Begin: 10:00am
End: 7:00pm
Net (includes stops): 9 hrs, 0 mins
Begin odometer: 178,272
End odometer: 178,602
Net miles today: 330
Average MPH: 36.7
Total trip miles: 3,389

Gasoline: $52.00
     Price: $2.389/gal
     Bought in: London, OH
Food, ice, etc.: $13.00
Lodging: $0.00
Other: $0.00
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T o d a y ' s    T h o u g h t
Some more signs of a true friend from Pat in AZ:

When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have.
When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.

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T o d a y ' s    J o k e
From Donna in KY:

The famous Olympic skier Picabo Street (pronounced Peek-A-Boo) is not just an athlete... She is now a nurse and works in the Intensive Care Unit of a large metropolitan hospital. But she's not permitted to answer the hospital telephones. It caused too much confusion when she would answer the phone and say, "Picabo, ICU."

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