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Attleboro, Massachusetts
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Day 7 - Tuesday, September 26, 2006
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Bangor, Maine

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T o d a y ' s    N a r r a t i v e
Another traveling day. A couple of stops which you can read about in the pics section below.

We're stopped tonight in Bangor Maine visiting some folks we met at the political statement last Friday night. Bangor was not a part of the trip but The Navigator whipped up a route so we could visit.

The next couple of days will be relatively slow going as we will be driving back roads as there are no Interstate highways to use.

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T o d a y ' s    P i c t u r e s
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Boston, Massachusetts. The capitol of Massachusetts. It's an amazing thing. I've lived with The Navigator for nine plus years and never knew of his fascination with witches. Here he communes with his favorite witch, Samantha Stevens, the witch from the TV show Bewitched. This is a little hard to read. It says: Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens. Hair of gold, eyes that twinkle, A nose that neatly twitched, Clever, charming and enchanting, Samantha left us all Bewitched.
A perfect example of what happens when government schools collide with inflation. June, this is the welcome sign or New Hampshire. This is all there was. Sorry. The capitol of New Hampshire. This is in Concord, the capital of New Hampshire. Another sign for June.
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T o d a y ' s    S t a t s
Begin: 7:00am
End: 8:00pm
Net (includes stops): 13 hrs, 0 mins
Begin odometer: 165,887
End odometer: 166,281
Net miles today: 394
Average MPH: 30.3
Total trip miles: 950

Gasoline: $.00
Food, ice, etc.: $10.00
Lodging: $0.00
Other: $4.00 - Toll on Maine Turnpike
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T o d a y ' s    T h o u g h t
From Angie in NY:

I never met a woman who became a stripper because she played with Barbie dolls as a kid.

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T o d a y ' s    J o k e
No joke today, but here's a riveting question from Charlie in SC:

Q: What do you call Santa's helpers?

A: Subordinate Clauses.

Charlie will be getting his meds adjusted soon :)

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