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Cape May, New Jersey
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Day 5 - Sunday, September 24, 2006
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near Fieldsboro, New Jersey

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T o d a y ' s    N a r r a t i v e
Interesting day today.

We started the day by meeting Mr. Menz, who is missing a leg. He has quite a menagerie.

Then I finally got to meet The Navigator's friend Lucy. I must admit, she's an impressive lady. I can see why The Navigator routed us way off task to visit her. See the pix below.

I stopped and asked for directions and met Frank and Judy and spent the better part of the afternoon shooting the breeze with them. Really nice folks. We had a great visit.

Then we met a very large (tall) lady selling tires. On a Sunday no less.

Into every life a little rain must fall. And bunch of rain fell today. But the rain ended beautifully. See the pix below.

We're currently camped in a Pilot truck stop near Fieldsboro, NJ. Tomorrow we'll visit Trenton, NJ. Then we'll need to hammer down big time as we need to be in Bangor, Maine to meet some friends on Tues.

Enjoy all the pix. Lucy was a blast!

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T o d a y ' s    P i c t u r e s
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Our first stop was to visit the Menz Restaurant. I'm not sure what a knocker is but I bet I'd enjoy meeting her :) The restaurant used to be owned by this one legged fella, Frank Menz. He has since passed on. But he left behind quite a menagerie. Including a shark, a deer,
a ram and a bull, a Santa Claus (look carefully, Santa has a hook for a hand and is holding a stuffed toy, looks like a tiger, maybe), and a quad of swans. Blue and smiley. What a great combination.
And now, the moment you've been waiting for... heeerrrrrr'ssss Lucy! According to The Navigator, he read about Lucy the Elephant several years ago in Readers Digest and has wanted to visit her ever since. Lucy, as you can see, is a very BIG elephant. She stands just off the beach, staring resolutely at the ocean. Look carefully at this pic. It is not often that you see Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie together in a photograph :) Lucy is hollow and you can climb a very steep stairway in her leg to get up into her body. You can climb another stairway to visit her howdah. Yours truly decided to take a pass on the stairs :)
Lucy from the other side. This is looking Southeast. Even Lucy's rump is impressive! And Lucy has even been emblazoned on a water tower. If you look closely, you can also see this water tower in the first Lucy pic above. After the Lucy visit we drove North to Atlantic City and then West to the Atlantic City Expressway. As you probably know, Atlantic City is a big casino town. So there are a bazillion buses carrying folks to and from the casinos. A bus pulled up beside us at a traffic light and I noticed the van's reflection in the chrome hubcap and grabbed a quick pic.
This large lady would like to sell you some tires. She'll even throw in some free air :) On I-295 headed for Trenton, beauty and joy after a really hard rain storm. Note the rare second rainbow. Yeah! Awesome!!
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T o d a y ' s    S t a t s
Begin: 9:00am
End: 7:30pm
Net (includes stops): 10 hrs, 30 mins
Begin odometer: 165,417
End odometer: 165,564
Net miles today: 147
Average MPH: 14.0
Total trip miles: 903

Gasoline: $0.00
Food, ice, etc.: $8.00
Lodging: $0.00
Other: $3.00 - Toll on Atlantic City Expressway
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T o d a y ' s    T h o u g h t
From Sue in Lou:

People want the front of the bus, the back of the church, and the center of attention.

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T o d a y ' s    J o k e
From Denise in IN:

A man and woman were having dinner in a fine restaurant. Their waitress, taking another order at a table a few steps away, suddenly noticed that the man was slowly sliding down his chair and under the table, but the woman acted unconcerned.

The waitress watched as the man slid all the way down his chair and out of sight under the table. But the woman dining across from him appeared calm and unruffled, apparently unaware that her dining companion had disappeared.

After the waitress finished taking the order, she came over to the table and said to the woman, "Pardon me, ma'am, but I think your husband just slid under the table."

The woman calmly looked up at her and said, "Uh, no, he just walked in the door."

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