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I've decided to visit each state capitol. So we'll be visiting every state. Excluding, for the time being, Alaska and, since these are driving trips, Hawaii on a permanent basis :)

The trips started in September, 2006 and will continue on an irregular basis until the 48 state capitols have been visited. Check the State Capitols Trips index below for trips, dates and capitols visited.

For a more graphical presentation of our progress, visit the State Capitols Progress page.

Oh, and if you feel "capitol" should be spelled "capital," go here for an explanation and spelling lesson :)

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S t a t e   C a p i t o l   T r i p s   I n d e x
Trip Dates State Capital
Northeast Sep 20 - Oct 1, 2006 South Carolina Columbia
    North Carolina Raleigh
    Virginia Richmond
    Maryland Annapolis
    Delaware Dover
    New Jersey Trenton
    Connecticut Hartford
    Rhode Island Providence
    Massachusetts Boston
    New Hampshire Concord
    Maine Augusta
    Vermont Montpelier
    New York Albany
    Pennsylvania Harrisburg
    West Virginia Charleston
Southeast Nov 21 - Nov 26, 2006 Florida Tallahassee
    Louisiana Baton Rouge
    Texas Austin
    Mississippi Jackson
    Alabama Montgomery
    Georgia Atlanta
River States Mar 2 - Mar 18, 2007 Tennesee Nashville
    Arkansas Little Rock
    Missouri Jefferson City
    Illinois Springfield
    Iowa Des Moines
    Minnesota St. Paul
    Wisconsin Madison
    Michigan Lansing
    Indiana Indianapolis
    Ohio Columbus
    Kentucky Frankfort
Midwest States Jul 10 - Jul 25, 2007 Kansas Topeka
    Nebraska Lincoln
    North Dakota Bismarck
    South Dakota Pierre
    Wyoming Cheyenne
    Colorado Denver
    New Mexico Santa Fe
    Oklahoma Oklahoma City

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