Savannah River Bridges
July, 2009 - Route Overview

S t a t e s    W e ' l l    V i s i t
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South Carolina (-)

Georgia (12)
The number after each state name is the number of times we have visited that state since these trips started in June, 2004. South Carolina, our home state, is unrated.

R o u t e    O v e r v i e w

All of the maps for this trip were carefully and lovingly created by The Navigator using DeLorme Street Atlas mapping software.

Click on the DeLorme Street Atlas map for a larger view
As you can see from this map, (click on it for a larger view), we'll be driving in a generally Southeast direction. This will most likely be a two day trip with Augusta, Ga, ironically not that far from home :), marking the halfway mark.

Since the trip is so short I've decided to forgo the camper and stay in motels instead. I realize this is compromising one of the base tenants of these trips. However, loading the camper onto the truck and removing it when we get home is enough of a hassle that I can't justify for just two days.

Based on his outstanding work with the Street Atlas software, The Navigator tells me this trip (including getting to the start and returning home at the end) will be 517 miles. Depending on how many detours we take, he is estimating 3 days for this trip.

Check out the routing below.

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1 s t    H a l f
Lake Hartwell, a man made lake, is damed at the south end. This is where the Savannah River starts.

Out trip starts in Anderson, SC, a beautiful little town. We'll ride southwest on US-29 and cross the dam at Lake Hartwell. Bridge #1.

We'll wander around on some state roads and cross the bridge at Hartwell, GA. 2nd bridge.

Once in SC, we'll go south to Iva, SC and cross the river to Elberton, GA. 3rd bridge.

Then we'll go south on Hwy-72 and cross the river into Calhoun Falls, SC. Bridge #4.

We'll turn southeast and through Willington to US-378 where we turn southwest and cross the river into Lincolnton, GA. 5th bridge.

Hwy-47 runs southwest and intersects with US-221 which we'll take across the river into Clarks Hill, SC. Bridge #6.

Out of Clarks Hill we'll take Hwy-28 southeast until it crosses the river into Evans, GA. Bridge #7.

We'll stay on Hwy-28 to Martinez, GA where we'll get on I-20 and cross the bridge into North Augusta, SC. 8th bridge.

US-25 runs through North Augusta and crosses the river into Augusta. Bridge #9.

We'll drive parallel to the river through beautiful downtown Augusta. Then get on the 5th Street bridge and cross into North Augusta, SC. Then, for routing purposes, we'll drive back across the 5th Street bridge into Augusta, GA. 10th Bridge.

About two blocks south we'll turn left onto US-1 and cross the river again into North Augusta, SC. Bridge #11.

We'll stay on US-1 until it intersects with I-520, the loop around Augusta. I-520 crosses the river into Augusta, GA. Bridge #12

Hwy-28, which we've been on before earlier, runs off of I-520 and crosses the river into Jackson, SC. 13th bridge.

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2 n d    H a l f
Hwy-28 becomes Hwy-125 in SC. We'll take it and US-278 across to Hwy-65. This is where the trip gets a little strange. The Savannah River Site (SRS) is run by the Department of Energy. Back in the 1950's the site housed several nuclear reactors. Today the site is primarily engaged in the cleanup of nuclear waste. But it is a high profile site. Lots of guards with mean looking guns.

SRS runs all the way to the edge of the river. Hwy-65 runs through SRS for about 25 miles. It is a lonely, desolate road with very little traffic. About every mile or so there are large signs warning no stopping on the road. Roads running off Hwy-65 have large no trespassing signs and substantial gates. Not a good place to get a flat tire :)

Once through SRS we'll continue on Hwy-65 until it intersects with US-301. We'll turn right and take US-301 until it crosses the river into Sylvania, GA. 14th bridge.

We'll take Hwy-21 southwest. Due to lack of roads, we actually have to take Hwy-21 about eight miles out of our way. Then we intersect with Hwy-119 and go northeast back towards the river. We'll cross the river into Tillman, SC. Bridge #15.

Again due to lack of roads, we'll have to take Hwy-119 north to Garnett, SC where we'll pickup US-321 which runs southeast.

US-321 runs into Hardeeville, SC where we'll get on I-95 south as it crosses the river into Rincon, GA. Bridge #16.

We'll get off I-95 onto US-17 and go east where it crosses back into Hardeeeville, SC. 17th bridge.

US-17 loops around and crosses the river again into Savannah, GA. 18th bridge.

In Savannah we'll take Islands Expy for several miles. It intersects with US-80 which continues southeast. We'll turn right onto Long Island Road which crosses the river onto Long Island. 19th and final bridge. Then, since there's no other way off the island, we'll turn around and ride back to US-80.

Then, just for fun, we'll stay on US-80 until it terminates at the south end of Tybee Island, GA.

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