US Route 60 East Trip - Route Overview

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North Carolina


West Virginia





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The green line shows the route:

On this trip we'll travel US Route 60 from it's eastern terminus in Virginia Beach, VA to Wickcliffe, KY. This portion of the trip will roughly parallel Interstate 64. Then we'll go south and east to Birmingham, AL where we'll pick up Interstate 20 for the ride back to Aiken.

We'll use I 20 and I 95 to get from Aiken to Emporia, VA. Then we'll use Route 58 and go east to Virginia Beach where US 60 starts.

US 60 goes northwest from Virginia Beach to Richmond, VA. We'll stop in Richmond at least a day to visit a friend.

From Richmond, US 60 goes west in Virginia through Midlothian, Sprouse's Corner, Buena Vista, Lexington and Covington.

Then we'll enter West Virginia, where US 60 goes through White Sulpher Springs, Ansted, Charleston, Hurricane and Huntington.

Kentucky is next. Continuing west, we'll go through Ashland, Morehead, Winchester, Lexington, Frankfort (state capitol) and Louisville. We'll stop in Louisville for a couple of days to visit friends.

Out of Louisville, US 60 turns southwest and roughly follows the Ohio River which separates KY and IN. We'll go through Muldraugh, Owensboro, Henderson, Smithland and Wickliffe.

We'll stop following US 60 at Wickliffe (FWIW, US 60 continues west to California :). We'll take US 51 and US 45 south and go through Clinton, KY, Martin and Jackson, TN and Corinth and Tupelo, MS.

In Tupelo, we'll pick up US 78 (which, ironically, also runs through Aiken) and take it southeast to Birmingham, AL.

In Birmingham, AL, we'll get on Interstate 20 and go east through Georgia and South Carolina to Aiken.

If you've been following the previous trips, you know the Navigator hates it when we deviate from the planned route. So, shhhhh... don't tell him... but I may decide to follow US 78 and US 278 to Aiken instead of I 20. We'll see. If I decide to do this I'll have a Greenie in my pocket to calm the savage beast :)

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