Route 2 Trip - Route Overview

The green line shows the route:

From Aiken, SC up through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park via US441, then to I40.

I40 a little west to I75 North. To I64 West and to Louisville.

We'll spend a few days in Louisville visiting friends.

Then I65 North to Indianapolis, IN. I69 out of Indy up to Michigan. Pick up I75 in Lansing.

Continue on I75 North to Lake Michigan/Lake Huron. At the intersection of these two Great Lakes is St. Ignace, MI which is where we pick up Route 2 West.

Follow Route 2 through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. Route 2 ends at Seattle, WA.

This is the half-way point in the trip.

The rest of the trip is mapped to use Interstate highways to get back to Aiken. Depending on time, money and other factors, I may choose to take some alternate routes to enjoy more scenery and local color. But the route will generally go through Washington, Oregon (northeast corner), Idaho (again!), Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky (western corner), Tennesse, Georgia and back to Aiken, SC.