Route 2 - Day 12 - Sunday, July 04, 2004



 Today's Narrative 

The flag above was proudly flying at a Perkins Restaurant we drove by today. I though the white puffy clouds made a nice backdrop.

We camped in the WMT parking lot last night. During the night it rained really hard last. And very loud thunder which caused the Navigator to snuggle even closer :) But when I woke up this morning at 7am I didn't know where we were. A very thick fog had rolled in. You literally could not see more than about 20 feet. So I fired up the notebook and did some updating while waiting for the fog to burn off. Finally around 8:30 I could sorta see the WMT store so I walked over there and got coffee. It was very erie in the store. There were NO customers. Because of the fog. By 10am the fog had lifted enough that I felt safe driving so we left.

Today was mostly a traveling day. Lots of great scenery. But nothing to compare with Glacier National Park. That has really spoiled me :) Awesome!

This has been making the rounds via email so you may have already seen it. But here's a nice fireworks display for the Fourth of July ^. Thanks, Denise!

This evening we are staying in a very nice Motel 6 in Spokane, WA. Earthlink (my ISP) has a local dialup number, the phone lines are good and I've got a 49.2 Kbps connection. Life is good :)

I've downloaded the 49 emails sent to me in the last few days. A few astute readers of these pages have pointed out picture links that were not working. I have fixed those and say thank you for bringing it to my attention. (There is a big difference between .jpg, .JPG and .JPg; inside joke for the techies among us :)

Another astute reader sent me this email, "Hey Charlie, what are you doing about backups during your trip?" Good question! Everytime I change stuff on the notebook computer, I copy the changed stuff to a Thumbdrive. For the less technical among us, a Thumbdrive is a small gadget that plugs into the USB port. It's called a Thumbdrive because it's about the size of your thumb. The Thumbdrive is a solid state device, ie - there's no moving parts. But the computer thinks it's a disk drive. So I just copy the files from the notebook's hard drive to the Thumbdrive, unplug the Thumbdrive and I've got a copy of my stuff. Thumbdrives come in sizes, just like hard drives. Mine has a capacity of 128MB. That may not seem like much in these days of 100+ gigabyte hard drives, but it is plenty big to store my stuff. FWIW, the memory in the Thumbdrive is the same kind that's used in a digital camera. Oh, and another FWIW, did you know you can store stuff besides pictures in your digital camera? You can use it like a Thumbdrive. Confused? OK!

Gas prices have been all over the place on this trip. From $1.649 in Elberton, GA to $2.189 in Montana. So I've gone back through the day pages where gas is listed as an expense and added the price and where it was bought.

Today we traveled from Kalispell, MT to Spokane, WA.

 Today's Pictures 
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This is the sign you see when passing from Montana into Idaho. I thought, "Gee, that's a crummy looking sign," but took a pix of it anyway. Then, 100 yards or so down the road, there's this sign. Much better! The Navigator guarding the van. Note his alert, ever watchful stance. Almost immediately after this pix was taken he laid down and went back to sleep. Makes me wonder why I pay him. Hey, Greenies are expensive! :) He uses that green squeeky toy laying on the seat as a pillow. He has such a rough life :)

 Today's Stats 

Beginning time: 10am
Ending time: 7pm
Net driving time (includes stops, etc.): 8.0
Begining odometer: 105279
Ending odometer: 105551
Net miles today: 272
Average MPH: 34
Total trip mileage: 3499

Gasoline: $39.00 - $1.969/gallon in Kalispell, MT
Food, ice, etc.: $14
Grocery: $9
Lodging: $44
Other: $83.97 - I got her at Wal*Mart.                                      The price for a quality blow-up doll is getting ridiculous!

 Thought For The Day 

Rap is to music what the Etch-A-Sketch is to art. ~ Thanks to capt. norm from Free Republic ^
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