Route 2 - Day 07 - Tuesday, June 29, 2004

 Today's Narrative 

Route 2 is truly a beautiful road. Prettier than I had expected.

Ran into Bill & Dottie in a Wally World parking lot in Escanaba, MI. They asked me where Aiken, SC is. I showed them the map I have pasted in the van window. I mentioned I had stopped in Louisville for a few days and why. Bill said that he had graduated from Eastern High School in Louisville, then taught there for 30 yrs and retired. Dottie said she was born in Newark, NJ and grew up in Irvington, NJ. This isn't far from where I grew up in River Edge, NJ. It truly is a small world! I asked them about snow around here. They said down by the lake, where Escanaba is, about 50 inches a year is average. But 40 miles to the North, away from the lake, 300 inches is normal.

So it's the middle of winter and there's five feet of snow on the ground. You belong to a volunteer fire department. You're called out at 3am. It's pitch black. How do you find the fire hydrant? For the answer, see pix below.

Makes me glad I live in (virtually) snowless Aiken :)

The rest of the day was spent driving and stopping to look at interesting stuff.

Caught a driver for Midland Lumber Co. We drove and chatted on the CB for about 50 miles. Nice guy!

Spending the night in a Spur Truck Stop on the West side of Deluth, MN.

I think maybe tomorrow night we will stop at a motel. A long hot shower will feel good. Plus, get caught up on email and post the last few days for you guyz. We'll see.

Gonna watch "The Thomas Crown Affair" with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo (nice boobs!). G'night.

Today we traveled from Naubinway, MI to Hermantown, MN

 Today's Pictures 
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The "snowstick" helps you find the fireplug. Now all you have to do is dig it out. Hurry, there's a fire! Perhaps this will be of some use to the females in the audience. Doesn't do a thing for me :) Hello Wisconsin! Bye Wisconsin, Hello Minnesota!

 Today's Stats 

Beginning time: 8:30a
Ending time: 8:00p
Net driving time (includes stops, etc.): 11.5
Begining odometer: 103414
Ending odometer: 103834
Net miles today: 420
Average MPH: 36
Total trip mileage: 1782

Gasoline: $42 - $1.879/gallon in Poplar, WI
Food, ice, etc.: $13
Lodging: $0
Other: $0

 Thought For The Day 

Half the things that people do not succeed in are through fear of making the attempt.
 Joke Of The Day 

[This is an old one, but still funny.]

A guy sticks his head into a barber shop and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut?"

The barber looks around the shop and says, "About 2 hours." The guy leaves.

A few days later the same guy sticks his head in the door and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut?"

The barber looks around at the shop full of customers and says, "About 3 hours." The guy leaves.

A week later the same guy sticks his head in the shop and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut?"

The barber looks around the shop and says, "About an hour and half." The guy leaves.

The barber looks over at a friend in the shop and says, "Hey, Bill, do me a favor, will 'ya? Follow that guy and see where he goes. He keeps asking how long he has to wait for a haircut, but then doesn't ever come back."

A little while later, Bill comes back into the shop, laughing hysterically. The barber asks, "Bill, where did he go when he left here?"

Bill looks up, tears in his eyes and says, "Your house."

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