Route 2 - Day 03 - June 25, 2004

 Today's Narrative 

Today was spent running around Louisville visiting with friends and familiar haunts.

Had lunch at Linda's house. She is a friend from WAGS, and has a new puppy, see pix below.

Not much else going on.

Today we were in Louisville, KY.

 Today's Pictures 
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Here's Linda's new puppy. He's a Carin Terrier named Bucky. Cute, huh? The following is a paid commercial message: The City of Louisville skyline as seen from the Indiana side of the Ohio River. Louisville is noted for attracting lots and lots of conventions. End of commercial message. This pix illustrates another infamous feature of Louisville: really bad air pollution!

Then there is Louisville's competition :)

Louisville is home to H&B, world famous maker of baseball bats and other sports equipment. This large bat outside their downtown location is over three stories tall. Next door to H&B is a plate glass and mirror company. They have this painted on the side of their building that faces the bat at H&B. Clever, huh?

 Today's Stats 

Beginning time: NA
Ending time: NA
Net driving time (includes stops, etc.): NA
Begining odometer: NA
Ending odometer: NA
Net miles today: NA
Average MPH: NA
Total trip mileage: NA

Gasoline: $0
Food, ice, etc.: $15
Lodging: $0
Other: $200 - Bought a DVD player at Wally World

 Thought For The Day 

A Judge not bound to the original intent of the Constitution interprets nothing but his own mind.
 Joke Of The Day 

Contributed by the Navigator (bless his little Schnauzer heart):
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