US Route 1, Part 2 - Day 03
Wednesday, March 23, 2005

 Today's Narrative 

Today we traveled from Elkton, MD to Alexandria, VA

Pouring rain this morning. Dark and dreary. Slept in waaay to late. Finally hit the road around 12 noon (I delayed the start, hoping the weather would clear; no luck :(.

The trip was slow today. Poured rain all day.

We did reach the "end" of this trip. See the pix below.

On US 1 we passed through downtown Washington, DC and downtown Baltimore, MD today. And I got lost in both places! Seems the cities aren't too diligent in posting Route 1 signs. In fact, they hardly post them at all. I finally had to resort to AAA street maps. And even that didn't help in Washington, DC as there was a sizeable section on the map where Route 1 wasn't marked. So, with the Navigator's help, we managed.

Right now we're camped in a Lowe's parking lot.

Sorry there's only one pix today. Not much to take pix of in a pouring rain.

 Today's Pictures 
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This exit off I 95 is the northern end of this trip. We'll exit on to US Route 1 and go south. This is when the real trip begins.

 Today's Stats 

Beginning time: 12:00p
Ending time: 11:30p
Net driving time (includes stops, etc.): 11:30
Begining odometer: 124745
Ending odometer: 125008
Net miles today: 263
Average MPH: 22.86
Total trip mileage: 735

Gasoline: $48.00 - $2.099/gallon in Philadelphia, PA
Food, ice, etc.: $8.75
Lodging: $0.00
Other: $2.00 - toll on Delaware Turnpike (I 95)

 Thought For The Day 

I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would affront your intelligence. ~ William Buckley
 Joke Of The Day 

From teldon30 in ??:

The matriarch of a very conservative family lapses into a coma and is placed on life support. The doctor explains to the woman's son that she will not recover. "Her heart is still beating, but her brain is dead," the doctor says.

"Oh my gosh," the son exclaims. "That makes her the first liberal in our family."

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