US Route 1 Trip, Part 1 - Route Overview

States We'll Visit

South Carolina


Maps courtesy of Free Republic ^
The green line shows the route:

We start in downtown Aiken, SC where we get on US Route 1. We'll be taking US 1, with a couple of exceptions, to Key West, FL.

From Aiken we go Southwest into Augusta, GA, passing over the Savannah River.

US 1 then runs pretty much due South to Waycross, GA. Then it runs Southeast towards the Florida border.

But before we get to the Florida border, we'll get on GA Route 40 and go east to I95, then take I95 south. (I know, I know... using Interstates violates the code. But this violation has a good reason... I want to visit the Florida Welcome Center on I95. They have great maps and other tourist aids. This is one of the exceptions mentioned above :)

We'll get off I95 at Exit 373 and take A1A west to Amelia Island. (This is the second exception. A1A parallels US 1. But A1A runs right along the beach. So we'll take A1A when we can.)

A1A turns south and runs along the coast. We'll be passing through Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral (the John F. Kennedy Space Center), Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Vero Beach, and Fort Pierce.

At Palm Beach we'll turn west and go to West Palm Beach. My brother lives here.

We'll spend some time at my brother's and then go south on A1A again.

We'll pass through Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Homestead and then into the Florida Keys.

Continuing on US 1, we'll pass through Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and, finally, Key West.

We'll play tourist in Key West for awhile.

Then we'll head back up US 1 to Homestead where we'll pick up the Florida Turnpike. We'll get on I95 and go north to Delray Beach where we'll stop and visit my friend Ralph.

Then north on I95 again to West Palm Beach. We'll spend Christmas with my brother and his family.

After Christmas we'll drive I95 north back to South Carolina and then to Aiken.

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