Mississippi River Exploration
June 2008 - Route Overview

S t a t e s    W e ' l l    V i s i t
Reading left to right

Minnesota (2)

Wisconsin (2)

Illinois (4)

Iowa (2)

Missouri (4)

Kentucky (6)

Tennessee (7)

Arkansas (4)

Mississippi (5)

Louisiana (3)
The number after each state name is the number of times we have visited that state since these trips started in June, 2004.
The state's name is a link to the route through that state.

R o u t e    O v e r v i e w

Click on the DeLorme Street Atlas map for a larger view
All of the maps for this trip were carefully created by The Navigator using DeLorme Street Atlas mapping software. © 2008 DeLorme (www.delorme.com) Street Atlas USAź.

As you can see from the maps to the left (click for a larger view), we'll be driving a North to South route, roughly paralleling the Mississippi River.

The start of the route is indicated by a green dot and the end of the route by a red dot.

We'll be driving the "back roads" quite a bit on this trip since the goal is to follow the route of the river. But we'll also drive some Interstates when convenient.

Based on his work with the Street Atlas software, The Navigator has informed me this trip will be 2320 miles long and take 65 hours to drive. Depending on how many days we sleep late and how many detours we take, he is estimating 10 to 12 days for this trip. Note that these estimates do not include the time it will take to drive to Lake Itasca nor the time to drive home from New Orleans.

Check out the routing through each part of the trip below.

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P a r t    O n e
We start the trip driving north, strange as that may seem. The river runs north then east. It encounters a couple of water reservoirs which we have to drive around. The river makes a big curve and then runs southeast through St. Paul, MN. At the Iowa/Minnesota state line, the river turns more southerly. We'll drive through Debuque and Davenport, IA and continue south to Niota, IL where Part One of the map ends.
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P a r t    T w o
The river is the state line between Missouri and Illinois. We'll continue southeasterly until we get almost to St. Louis, MO, where the river makes a big curve. Then we go south though St. Louis then southeasterly again through Cape Girardeau, MO, then into Kentucky. We'll drive through Wickliffe, KY, the terminus of our Route 60 East trip. We'll continue southwest as the river winds along, serving as the state line between Kentucky and Missouri.

We'll briefly enter Tennessee then cross the river going west back into Missouri. The river becomes the state line between Arkansas and Tennessee. We'll drive southwest until we cross the river back into Tennessee at Memphis. From there we'll travel southwest, jumping back and forth between Tennessee and Arkansas.

At the Tennesee/Mississipi state line, the river becomes the state line between Mississippi and Arkansas. We'll continue southwest to the Louisiana state line. There the river becomes the state line between Louisiana and Mississippi until it enters the "boot" of Louisiana. We'll pass through Baton Rouge and then the river turns almost due east towards New Orleans.

South of New Orleans the river runs southeast until it runs into the Gulf of Mexico. I've looked on several maps, checking on the end of the river. The road ends at Venice, LA. But the river continues on for about 30 miles before emptying into the Gulf. Pilot Town is on the river southeast of Venice. But apparently it is only accessable by boat.

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