The Great Lakes Tour
August 2008 - Route Overview

S t a t e s    W e ' l l    V i s i t
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New York (2)

Pennsylvania (3)

Ohio (1)

Michigan (2)

Illinois (5)

Wisconsin (3)

Minnesota (3)
The number after each state name is the number of times we have visited that state since these trips started in June, 2004. South Carolina, our home state, is unrated.
The state's name is a link to the route through that state.

R o u t e    O v e r v i e w

All of the maps for this trip were carefully created by The Navigator using DeLorme Street Atlas mapping software.

Click on the DeLorme Street Atlas map for a larger view
As you can see from this map, (click on it for a larger view), we'll be driving an irregular but westerly route from Lake Ontario to Lake Superior. We'll try and hug the shore line of the Great Lakes as much as possible.

There won't be very much Interstate driving on this trip since we'll be driving along the lake shore. However, we will use the Interstate to get through some of the larger cities like Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc.

Now, to The Navigator's error. Do you see the circular route just southeast of Hamilton, Ontario? The bottom half of that circle (the area below the green line) shouldn't be there. And The Navigator cannot figure out how to get rid of it. Pardon me while I gloat :)

And please forgive the small orange/red squares. They mark the location of Flying J truck stops.

Based on his work with the Street Atlas software, The Navigator has informed me this trip (including getting to the start and returning home at the end) will be 6,200 miles. Depending on how many days we sleep late and how many detours we take, he is estimating 18 or 19 days for this trip.

Check out the routing through each state below.

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N e w    Y o r k   
Now that we're zoomed in on New York, The Navigator's problem really stands out!

We'll start in Sacket's Harbor and drive south to Oswego and then westerly to Sodus Point. Here the road hugs the shoreline for about 25 miles. Then we'll get on the Lake Ontario State Parkway which continues to hug the shore. At Youngstown we'll turn south and take a brief detour to visit Niagara Falls.

Then we'll continue south along the Niagara River past Buffalo until it dumps into Lake Erie. We'll turn west again along the lake shoreline until we reach the Pennsylvania state line.

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P e n n s y l v a n i a
Pennsylvania really gets shorted on this trip. Just about 30 miles on US-20 and then we reach the Ohio state line.
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O h i o
We'll stay on US-20 until we get near Cleveland. Then we'll jump on I-90 through Cleveland. Once past Cleveland, we'll get on US-6 and continue west past Lorain and Sandusky. We'll take SR-2 west until it intersects with I-280 which we'll take through Toledo. North of Toledo we'll get on I-75 to the Michigan state line.
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M i c h i g a n
We'll stay on I-75 until we get past Detroit and come to Sarina. Then we'll get on SR-25 (Lakeshore Rd) and drive along the shore line of Lake Huron. We'll reach Bay City and then on to Standish where we'll get on US-23 and continue north.

At Levering we begin to follow the shore line of Lake Michigan. We'll take US-31 south to Benton Harbor. We'll get on I-94 to the Illinois state line.

We'll visit Michigan again after we drive through Illinois and Wisconsin.

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I l l i n o i s
We'll drive west on I-94 until it intersects with I-80. We'll take I-80 west to the intersection with I-94 which turns north and runs though Chicago and then to the Wisconsin state line.
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W i s c o n s i n
We'll stay on I-94 and continue north to Milwaukee and then get on I-43. We'll take I-43 through Milwaukee and then north past Sheboygan and Manitowoc and then to Green Bay. There we'll get on US-41 and continue to the Michigan state line.

We'll visit Wisconsin again after we drive through Michigan.

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M i c h i g a n
Click on the DeLorme Street Atlas map for a larger view
We'll stay on US-41 to Marinette. We'll get on SR-M35 and continue along the shore of Lake Michigan until we get to Escanaba. There we'll get on US-2 and turn east.

Following US-2 was the very first trip The Navigator and I took. More information here. On that trip we traveled west. On this trip we're traveling east. Soon, we'll make up our mind :)

We'll take US-2 east along the bottom of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (better known as the UP) to St. Ignace which, ironically, was the starting point for the US-2 trip.

Now we'll wander a little as we work our way to the northern side of the UP. SR-134 east, SR-48 north, E. Gogomain Rd (really!) north and then west, S. Riverside Drive north, SR-28 west, SR-123 north, CR-407 north and we (finally!) reach the southern shore of Lake Superior. CR-407 turns west and runs along the shoreline to Grand Marias. There we get on CR-58 and continue west to Munising. Then we get on SR-28 and continue west to Harvey. There we get on US-41 and turn north.

Sorry for the convoluted route. Much of that is through state forests.

We'll get on US-45 and turn south to the intersection with US-2. We'll take US-2 west to the Wisconsin state line.

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W i s c o n s i n
We'll continue on US-2 until we get west of Ashland. Then we'll turn north on SR-13 and continue along the shore of Lake Superior to the Minnesota state line.
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M i n n e s o t a
Click on the DeLorme Street Atlas map for a larger view
We'll continue on SR-13 until it intersects with US-53. We'll take US-53 north and then I-595 around Deluth.

Once out of Deluth, we'll get on SR-61, a straight shot to the end of the trip. We'll pass through Knife River, Two Harbors, Beaver Bay, Silver Bay, Schroeder, Lutsen, Grand Marias, Lutsen and Grand Portage. SR-61 goes on for a few more miles and then ends (for us :) at the Canadian border.

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