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 Trip Summary 

The trip started on Wednesday, September 01, 2004 and concluded on Tuesday, September 07, 2004.
 Route Summary 

The trip started in Aiken, SC and we visited these states: NC, VA, DE, MD.
 Mileage Summary 

Total trip mileage = 1398
Most miles in one day = 514 on Day 01, Wednesday, September 01, 2004 when we traveled from Aiken, SC to Englehard, NC.
Least miles in one day = 179 on Day 03, Friday, Spetember 03, 2004 when we traveled from Chesapeake, VA to Georgetown, DE.

 Expense Summary 

Gasoline*: 143
Food, ice, etc.: 91
Lodging: 102
Other: 42
Total  $378 (Money well spent!)

* Bendover price for gas = $1.899 in Englehard, NC. We saw gas prices as high as $2.099 in the Washington, DC area.
Cheapest gas = $1.639 at the Wal*Mart in North Augusta, SC.

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