Blue Ridge/Skyline Trip - Route Overview

States We'll Visit

South Carolina


North Carolina



Maps courtesy of Free Republic ^
The green line shows the route:

NOTE: Due to hurricane Frances, this route has been modified. Instead of going clockwise, we'll be traveling counter clockwise. By doing this, we'll travel the Atlantic coast first and hopefully be well inland later so we can stay out of Frances' way.

From Aiken, SC to I20 West and cross the Savannah River that divides South Carolina and Georgia. Continue on I20 to exit 200 and hang a right onto Hwy 28. Hwy 28 roughly parallels the Savannah River. Take Hwy 28 to Highlands, SC where it turns into Hwy 64. Take Hwy 64 to Hwy 441. Take Hwy 441 into Great Smokey Mountains National Park and turn right onto beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Speed limit on Blue Ridge Parkway is 45MPH.

Take Blue Ridge Parkway 469 miles to the intersection with I64 where Blue Ridge Parkway becomes Skyline Drive.

Speed limit on Skyline Drive is 35MPH.

Take Skyline Drive about 70 miles to Luray, VA. Stop and tour Luray Caverns.

Take Skyline Drive to the end (about 35 miles) where it intersects with I66. Take I66 east to Washington, DC.

Sightsee in Washington, DC.

Take Hwy 50 east from Washington, DC to Wye Mills, MD. Turn right on Hwy 404. Take Hwy 404 into Delaware and on to Rehoboth Beach.

Try to find an old college friend in Rehoboth Beach.

Take Hwy 1 along the shore back into Maryland. Hwy 1 becomes Hwy 13. Take Hwy 13 to the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel ^.

Continue on Hwy 13 to the intersection with I64 in Norfolk, VA. Take I64 south to exit 291 and take Hwy 168 south into North Carolina to Barco where Hwy 168 becomes Hwy 158. Take Hwy 158 to Hwy 12 on the Outer Banks.

Explore the Outer Banks.

Take Hwy 64 west to I95. Take I95 south into South Carolina to Florence, SC. Take I20 west and southwest to Columbia, SC and then back to Aiken, SC.

Estimated trip mileage: 1570

Estimated trip time: 5-8 days